Six Minute Poems: The Last Poems

George Hitchcock

36 pages / hand-sewn pamphlet / $10.00
ISBN-13: 978-1-935635-17-8

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These poems were selected by Marjorie Simon and the editorial staff at Tavern Books. This collection showcases the most representative of Hitchcock's final poems, some of which were scrawled into journals, others of which were spoken and recorded. Six-Minute Poems celebrates the absurd, surreal, subversive, formally buoyant, and beautiful spirit that embedded itself into an artist who lived nearly 100 years on this earth.

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About George Hitchcock

George Hitchcock (1914-2010), was a major American poet, activist, actor, painter, and editor. The author of dozens of books across many genres, he is best known for founding and editing kayak (1964-1984), the most influential and visionary poetry magazine in the postwar United States. In 2003, Story Line Press published One-Man Boat: The George Hitchcock Reader.

"To understate the matter, George gave the American poetry world three principle gifts: his own writing, kayak-the finest poetry magazine of my era-and his complex and unusual presence, which served as a model for so many of us: the model of the poet as a total human being."
— Philip Levine, U.S. Poet Laureate, writing in One-Man Boat