Charles Simic

28 pages, full color / hand-stitched, limited-edition pamphlet / $15.00
ISBN-13: 978-1-935635-07-9

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Drawings by Charles Seluzick

This volume showcases the seamless fusion of two long-time collaborators. Both the poem and drawings haunt to the core, each exploring the unquantifiable landscapes of childhood, war, and memory.

About Charles Simic

Charles Simic was born in 1938 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and emigrated to the United States in 1954. He has received the Pulitzer Prize and the International Griffin Prize, and has served as the United States Poet Laureate. Simic's prolific, award-winning career as a poet, translator, and essayist has spanned more than four decades. His dark, comic meditations on the vagaries of human folly and history have made him one of the most respected and inimitable poets of his generation. Charles Seluzicki is an antiquarian bookseller, a fine press publisher, and a teacher. Since 1978, he has published four different fine and small press editions of Simic's work. His artwork has (at times anonymously) accompanied the work of Zbigniew Herbert, Vasko Popa, Czeslaw Milosz, and others.

"There are few poets writing in America today who share his lavish appetite for the bizarre, his inexhaustible repertoire of indelible characters and gestures... Simic is perhaps our most disquieting muse."
— The Harvard Review